The Team

Daniel - Circle 2.png

Daniel Rotar – CEO & Founder

My role here involves brain-storming, scripting, hosting and overseeing the entire operation here at ZONEofTECH, while constantly aiming for new goals.

I’ve always been extremely obsessed with technology from a very young age. So, I started ZONEofTECH from my bedroom back in 2012 and grew the channel considerably over the years. In 2017 I’ve decided to turn everything into a company and form my own team.

Instagram - @ZONEofTECH

James - Circle 2.png

James Blake – Digital Marketing Executive

I’m James and I handle all marketing related enquiries for ZONEofTECH, from answering emails to drafting the contracts and invoices.

I work closely with Daniel to ensure that all our promotions run smoothly and constant communication is upheld with our clients. In addition, I am heavily involved with keeping track of how the channel, our videos, and sponsored content is performing.

Instagram - @thatotherjames

Harry- Circle 2.png

Harry Witty – Video Editor & Concept Creator

My name is Harry and I edit all the videos, design and create all the concepts and solve many creative problems regarding the quality of our videos. If I can’t buy a solution, I’ll do my best to build one.

I work closely with Connor to produce our YouTube and social media content and we are always looking for opportunities to improve these!

Instagram - @shiba_ren_and_family

Connor - Circle 2.png

Connor Appleson – Cinematographer

Hi, I’m Connor. I film all the b-roll for the videos, making sure devices look the best they can, using every tool at my disposal! I create graphics and animations and I’m always up for a creative challenge.

I love anything tech related and I have a obsession with camera gear!

Instagram - @alwoodleyapple


There are currently no positions available at ZONEofTECH.